A simple method that helps solve the problem with poor closing of the door. No more clapping

A simple method that helps solve the problem with poor closing of the door. No more clapping Owners of many cars, not only domestic, but also foreign production, faced the problem of poor closing of the doors. It seems that you don't want to clap, but you can't close it any other way. The door how it seems to "spring" back, leaving a gap, or does not close at all. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the problem is with the locks, and not with a downed frame or loose hinges. The doors must fit snugly to the body, while standing upright evenly. There should also be no gaps or bends. And the most important thing is to check the integrity of the locks. After all, often the reason lies precisely in their malfunction. But if everything is fine and the doors still don't close, then there is the simplest way to fix it. What is needed File with a small notch Tin soldering station Pliers Completion process In total, the entire work takes no more than 20 minutes. It is necessary to remove the mount. Then first we clean a small plane with a file (nadfilem), where we will apply a drop of tin. Then put it on the gas stove, turning the flat part to the fire. The metal needs to be warmed up a little, just for a couple of minutes. For convenience, you can use a gas burner on a minimum flame. We have just been repairing a car, and the driver is on his way home. As he is leaving the premises, he first checks the doors, as they are located near the gas tank. He observes the procedure with great interest, and in order not to loose sight of the door, he carefully wipes it with a napkin. After waiting for the car to go away, he checks the doors again. They are so important that they should always remain clean and free of dust. I hope these tips will help you, if the problem with the doors led you to the need to do it in the first place. If so-and SHARE in social networks! Have you ever had a bad experience with a door lock? Write your own .